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AtivaFit Adjustable Dumbbells
  • Updated 3/6/2022.

The pic shows 5 AtivaFit adjustable dumbbells for home gyms that I have in my own Garage Gym. I bought 2 to start and was so impressed I got 3 more! I’m giving them a good review as I’ve had these for 2 years now and they are a great addition for anyone looking to add to, or get started on, their home gym equipment.

In May 2020, after my gym shut down, I was scrambling like everyone else trying to convert my garage into a gym.  I was on a “wait list” with Bowflex and NordicTrack for their dumbbells (never did hear a word back from either of them, even after several follow up emails). I was jumping in a “lottery” every 2 weeks that Merax was having, but no luck there either. No responses at all from anyone on even an estimate as to when they would have them available again. Ignored by all.

I actually stumbled upon AtivaFit at the time, finding a set that started at 11 lbs and go up to 71.5 lbs. I jumped on it and was lifting with them 7 days later. After 3 weeks I grabbed a smaller pair for clients just starting out that go from 5.5 lbs to 27.5 lbs. They do the job just fine!  AtivaFit also has 2 other ranges – 4.4 lbs – 44 lbs and 11 lbs – 55 lbs set, so there are 4 options to choose from.

At one point, one of my 71.5’s started to stick a bit and bring an extra weight with it when using it at 33 lbs. Really wasn’t a big problem as once I put it back in the rack and spun the dial around again it would be fine. After a few times of this happening, I sent an email to support asking if there was a possible fix for it. They replied overnight apologizing for it and said they would send a brand new out to me right away. I had it 4 days later! 

To sum up, AtivaFit simply makes great, sturdy, reliable products and has exceptional customer service backing it all up.  Their response time is almost immediate. AtivaFit’s site here is a great place for not only adjustable dumbbells, but also workout benches, dumbbell stands, various exercise bikes, and even treadmills. You’ll also find a Yoga category there!

Very Well rates these adjustable dumbbells for home gyms “Best Overall” for 2021 – one spot above Bowflex. –> AtivaFit

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